Xperia Play 2 is real! Prototype image found

Speaking of Sony’s new Xperia, the Xperia 5 II.

It can be said that it is a model that is conscious of gaming, such as afterimage reduction equivalent to 240Hz, 120Hz drive, and 240 touch sample rate.

On the other hand, with the release of PlayStation 5 this year, I have the impression that expectations for the new Xperia for games are higher than usual, so I think the successor to Xperia Play will be released. Rumors are constant.

Meanwhile, it seems that a prototype of a model that seems to correspond to Xperia Play 2, the successor to this Xperia Play, was discovered.

This was posted on Reddit, but it was originally for sale on a Chinese personal trading app. It is a prototype of the successor to Xperia Play.

Also the nostalgic Sony Ericsson logo.

By the way, the following is an image of the original Xperia Play.

It’s true that the image terminals are now “closer” in design than the original, but they’re still quite old.

By the way, Xperia Play was released in 2011.
On the other hand, SONY Ericsson became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony and became “Sony Mobile” in 2012.

This means that if SONY Ericsson remains as it is, it will be a “should” model that was released in 2012 or at the latest in 2013.

Perhaps the Xperia Play series itself was planned to be serialized like the later Z series and ZX series unless the merger with Ericsson was resolved.

By the way, the last Xperia released in Japan as Sony Ericsson must have been the XPERIA acro HD.

Certainly, the design on the back seems to be quite similar.

Source: Android Next

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