Xiaomi is considering the possibility of storing headphones in your phone

  • Xiaomi’s new patent sees the headphones plugged straight into a phone.
  • The design is based on patents filed in China and the Netherlands.

Xiaomi has never been one to shy away from bold smartphone designs, but its latest concept may be a bridge too far for some. The Chinese manufacturer is said to have patented a smartphone containing wireless headphones.

Dutch publication LetsGoDigital, drawing inspiration from two patents filed in China and the Netherlands, designed renderings of the device to imagine how curious a design would be. Check out a GIF below for a better idea of ​​the design.

xiaomi letsgodigital earphones smartphone 1

According to patents, the headphones fit into the stems at the top of the phone. The earphone heads can swivel to point upward when stored, but also at right angles to accommodate users’ ears when in use. This design suggests that these headphones could serve as speakers for the smartphone, but it also raises questions of cleanliness. It is not known how much unhygienic headphones would be exposed to your hands, pockets, and the outside world and then placed in your ears.

Xiaomi’s design might face other obstacles to reality as well. It is not clear whether Xiaomi should equip its smartphone with a larger battery and additional components to properly charge the headphones. It can also negatively impact the space available for other components. We’ve seen companies regularly remove the 3.5mm headphone port to accommodate larger batteries (among other reasons). What would be the impact of two earphone-sized holes?

There are obvious advantages, especially for forgetful people. Bolting the earbuds to the smartphone itself means you’re less likely to forget them at home (not to mention the phone itself). It also means that there is one less item to carry in your bag or pocket.

Despite that, we’re unlikely to see a device like this breaking patent status, at least anytime soon. Wireless headphones remain fairly bulky in design, so a device would need to be designed around them to function effectively. It also suggests that it would need a thicker smartphone than the current trend.

Still, Xiaomi’s patent is a breath of fresh air in an arguably stagnant smartphone industry. We rarely think of these types of designs as anything other than marketing tools. But unlike the spectacular all-screen gadget of the Mi Mix Alpha, this design apparently has some advantages worth exploring.

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Source: Android Authority

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