Xiaomi could let you touch the back of your phone to launch features

  • Xiaomi is working on so-called Back Tap gestures in MIUI 12.
  • This would allow you to press the back of your phone to activate the features.
  • There is no word on a release schedule for the functionality or availability of the device.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Google was working on a feature dubbed Columbus. This would allow users to press the back of their phone to activate various functions. We then saw Apple announce a similar feature for iOS 14 last month, but now it looks like Xiaomi has joined the party as well.

XDA member Kacskrz discovered references to so-called Back Tap gestures in the latest beta versions of Xiaomi MIUI 12 (h / t: XDA Developers), and they were also able to view screenshots of the feature in the MIUI settings menu. Unfortunately, they were unable to activate the feature on their Redmi Note 7.

The screenshots show us what to expect from the feature, confirming the double tap and triple tap gesture options. It also shows that these gestures can be used to turn off the screen, activate the torch, close apps, activate split screen view, take screenshots, launch the camera, and activate the notification shade.

There is no word on a timeline for gestures back on Xiaomi phones at this time. It also remains to be seen whether this will be limited to certain devices or available to all / most phones running MIUI 12.

It still seems like a good alternative to Google’s Active Edge cuts and dedicated hardware keys. So hopefully, we’ll see this implementation and Google’s take coming to Android phones soon.

Source: Android Authority

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