Xiaomi 11T Pro disassembly video reveals plenty of graphite and copper to keep thermals in check

Xiaomi’s 11T Pro is the maker’s de-facto flagship offering and ticked a lot of right boxes in our written review with its excellent display, strong performance and ludicrous 120W charging. Now trusted disassembly source PBKreviews is offering us a look inside the phone with his latest video.

Popping off the back glass plate reveals a bevy of screws that need to be undone before we get to the mainboard and cameras. The plastic cover above the cameras houses the NFC module, antenna lines and a large graphite film strip that sits above the battery. 11T Pro has a dual battery structure with each module having its own connection cable.

The motherboard houses quite an elaborate cooling system with graphene film, thermal paste and copper tape helping keep the Snapdragon 888 in check. Several brackets and connection cables later the host manages to disconnect the dual batteries via the included pull tabs.

Xiaomi 11T Pro disassembled (source: PBKreviews)

Xiaomi 11T Pro disassembled (source: PBKreviews)

The bottom of the battery department is outfitted with even more graphite film and a copper vapor chamber which is understandable given the 120W fast charging capabilities of the device.

Source: GSMArena

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