WhatsApp now lets you search forwarded messages to check the facts

Messaging apps are a great source of information, but also a source of misinformation, fake news, and unreliable forwarded messages. WhatsApp previously introduced a special tag for messages that have been forwarded multiple times so you know it’s not that original. Now they add a magnifying glass to this tag so that it is easier for you to check the messages that have been forwarded by searching the web. And during times like this when information is crucial, it should be a useful tool.

Previously, WhatsApp would attach two arrows to messages that were forwarded multiple times to indicate that that particular message was not actually written by your contact but likely came from another location and was forwarded to multiple people. Later on, they also set limits on how many times you can send a message in one go so as to slow down users and not to bulk transfer things all the time.

Now you will also be able to check if the post is factual or maybe even trace its roots to make sure it is not a conspiracy theory level post. You can press the magnifying glass button on the right and it will ask you if you want to search the web for the post or link. If you want to continue, it will upload the post to Google and hopefully give you the answers you’re looking for.

It is a way to bypass the end-to-end encryption offered by WhatsApp. Since they cannot see the messages and therefore verify or correct them, it is now up to the user if they want to verify the message and upload it to Google without the server seeing it. But of course, once you download the search from Google, it is no longer encrypted.

the search option on WhatsApp has deployed in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. You need to update to the latest version of the app to see this magnifier.

Source: Android Community

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