vivo demons the color-changing phone panel

Smartphone companies have been trying to set more and more funky colors on the back of the phone to make their devices stand out. We’ve seen all sorts of gradients, vegan leather, transparent backgrounds, pure 24-carat gold, but now vivo claims that it’s developed a way to customize the panel into any color you want.

The technology used by the Chinese company is based on electrochromism – a phenomenon that allows the glass to change color or opacity when voltage is applied to it.

The vivo engineer explains in this short video how the technology works, or at least we assume it goes on as our Chinese are rusty. Electrochromatic glass is not new – it is the most important element in smart windows for cars and buildings.

Roughly speaking, it is a sandwich of two glass plates and two transparent electrode sheets, with an electrochromatic film in between, along with an ion conductor and ion storage film. In practice, when low voltage is applied, the ions change their consistency, changing the light and how it bends as it moves through the EC film, creating different colors.

A leaked video revealed how it works in real life, and by looking at the camera setup, we’m pretty sure it’s the vivo S7 5G smartphone used as a demo device, despite the effort of vivo to hide it. It is a low-power technology, so it will not drain the battery or heat the device.

Because the electrochromatic technology is inherently transparent, this could mean that the phone can also offer real-world transparency options, such as the transparent nubia Red Magic 5G or the Mi 10 Ultra, which we’ve reviewed before. The full review is expected to be at the end. of this week.

Source: GSMArena

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