Twin Stick Science Shooter Tesla Force Out Now for Android

A couple of months after it landed on iOS, 10Tons has launched its top-down, twin stick shooter roguelite Tesla Force on the Play Store. It’s a bonkers, brilliant blaster, and it’s definitely worth some of your attention.

After Tesla accidentally opens an inter-dimensional rift that lets in swarms of horrifying creatures, it’s up to you to get rid of them. Mostly by shooting them into puddles of gory soup.

You’re going to die on your quest, a lot, but that isn’t the end. Instead you’re transported back to your base with the chance to upgrade some skills. Then it’s back to the shooting. There’s a lot of shooting.

There are all manner of crazy weapons and power-ups at your disposal, from simple guns to lightning-blasting neon death machines. And you can turn into a stompy science robot as well.

The game is premium, too. Once you’ve paid for it, you’ve got everything. No IAPs or adverts here, which is something we can all enjoy. It also supports controllers, which is another thing we can all enjoy.

If you’d like to give Tesla Force a go – and we imagine that you do – you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’ll set you back $5.99, and there’s more than enough chaos and destruction to justify the purchase.

Source: Droid Gamers

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