Tip: quickly remove something from your ‘Continue watching’ list on Netflix

Sometimes a movie or series on Netflix is ​​disappointing. Then you no longer want to see it in your ‘Continue to look’ list. Are you unable to get him out? This is how you get it done.

Clean up Netflix ‘Continue Watching’ list

You probably know it: you’ve started a movie or series on Netflix, but it’s not what you expected it to be. Too bad, but in the meantime that title will remain in your ‘Continue watching’ list. If you do that a few times, that list gets longer and longer, which does not benefit the clarity.

Cleaning that list had been possible for some time via a computer, but it was rather time-consuming. It is now also possible via the app itself and you can do that quickly and easily via the steps below.

This is how you clean up the continue watching list in the Netflix app:

  1. Go to the ‘Continue watching’ list in the Netflix app;
  2. Scroll to the title you want to delete;
  3. Click on the three dots at the bottom right;
  4. Choose the bottom option ‘Remove from row’.

If you still prefer working behind a PC, check how you can clean your Netflix watch list via the computer. If you accidentally deleted something from your watch list, you can no longer manually restore it. So it is a matter of restarting the films, episode or documentary so that it appears in the Continue watching list.

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Trial period Netflix is ​​not coming back

In 2020, we wrote exclusively that Netflix had stopped its one-month free trial. Unfortunately, this trial period does not seem to be returning. You can cancel a subscription within seven days, after which you will get your money back. A Netflix subscription can also be canceled monthly, so you are not committed to anything.

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