The secret of the Black Shark 4S Pro’s record-breaking power

In anticipation of the imminent presentation, new details have become known about the flagship gaming smartphone Black Shark 4S Pro. So, the manufacturer told how he managed to achieve record performance. Also, there was information about the charging speed and audio capabilities of the gadget.

The new Black Shark 4S Pro is capable of almost 888,000 points in the AnTuTu benchmark – the best result of any Android smartphone. As it turned out, this is not only the merit of the flagship Snapdragon 888+ processor. It was possible to achieve such indicators due to a hybrid drive, in which UFS 3.1 and a custom SSD are combined into a raid array. In addition, the proprietary RAMDISK algorithm is used, forcing the memory to work at maximum speed. Something similar was implemented in the Black Shark 4 Pro, but in the 4S Pro this technology was improved to the second version.

In addition to the powerful stuffing in the Black Shark 4S Pro, fast charging with a capacity of 120 W and a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh will be implemented. The included power adapter and cable will allow you to charge the tablet in five minutes up to 50%, and it will take only 15 minutes to fully replenish the energy up to 100%.

Black shark

Black Shark also promises impressive sound quality in the new smartphone. In addition, branded TWS headphones will be presented along with the Black Shark 4S series, providing a minimum latency of just 30ms.

The presentation of new products will take place on October 13.

Source: 4PDA

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