The Android 11 update of Galaxy will announce the model list that guarantees 3 generation OS Apde from Galaxy S20 within the year

Samsung’s major lineup in the second half of 2020, including the Galaxy Note 20 series and Galaxy Z Fold 2 that were officially announced at the “Unpacked” event the other day.

There was also a small surprise at the event that the OS version update was promised three times for the Galaxy S10 series and later models.

On the other hand, at this point in time, it was not clear even the detailed models that are the target of this “3rd Apde”, but this time the company officially listed the target model on the official blog.

Gaalxy Models with 3rd Generation Android OS Updates:

Models in bold type have been released or have been confirmed in Japan.

Galaxy S series:

・Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
・Galaxy S20 Ultra
・Galaxy S20+ 5G
・Galaxy S20+
・Galaxy S20 5G
・Galaxy S20
・Galaxy S10 5G
・Galaxy S10+
・Galaxy S10
・Galaxy S10e
・Galaxy S10 Lite

+ All future S Series models

Galaxy Note series

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
・Galaxy Note20 Ultra
・Galaxy Note20 5G
・Galaxy Note20
・Galaxy Note10+ 5G
Galaxy Note10+
・Galaxy Note10 5G
・Galaxy Note10
・Galaxy Note10 Lite

+ All future Note series

Galaxy foldable series

・Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
・Galaxy Z Fold2
・Galaxy Z Flip 5G
・Galaxy Z Flip
・Galaxy Fold 5G
・Galaxy Fold

+ All future Z series

Galaxy A series

・Galaxy A71 5G
・Galaxy A71
・Galaxy A51 5G
・Galaxy A51
・Galaxy A90 5G

+ Future releasepartA series model

Galaxy tablet series

・Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
・Galaxy Tab S7+
・Galaxy Tab S7 5G
・Galaxy Tab S7
・Galaxy Tab S6 5G
・Galaxy Tab S6
・Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

+ All Tab S series for future release

The point isLast year’s high-end model is guaranteed to be updated to Android 12To be done.

Meanwhile, it was released with Android 10This year’s high end is available up to Android 13Will be done.

Even so,Up to mid-range Galaxy A51 3rd generation OS update targetIt was quite unexpected to be inside.

I would like domestic manufacturers such as Xperia and AQUOS to imitate this as well.

Android 11 update provided by Galaxy S20 this year

Regarding the next Android OS, Android 11, it will be provided from the Galaxy S20 series around the end of this year, and soon it will be updated to other models.

Source: Android Next

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