Surreal Roguelite PUSS Maze Game! Coming to Android on August 6

PUSS !, the dev team’s super-surreal Avoid Them, is coming to Android later this week.

Due to disembark on August 6, PUSS! is the mobile version of a game released on PC for a few years, which has been praised by all. It is currently sitting on a highly coveted, very positive note on Steam from critics and gamers alike.

The game allows you to pilot a cat from another dimension through a series of mazes. It’s based on The Scary Maze Game, a popular Flash title, and the gameplay is notoriously difficult.

For our money, PUSS! is more interesting for its aesthetic properties than as a pure gaming experience, but that’s not necessarily a review, thanks to the visionary uniqueness of its graphics and music. It is something to see.

You can pre-register for PUSS! on the Google Play Store now. It will cost you $ 2.99 when it lands.

Source: Droid Gamers

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