Spotify Launches Daily Sports Multimedia Playlist in US

After months without live sports and settling for reruns and best-ofs, most of the big sports leagues are already starting or preparing to return soon. Of course, it won’t be anything like what we’ve become used to, but at least we can see our favorite teams again, although it may come from our sofas and screens. Spotify has launched a new media playlist called Daily Sports with a mix of sports commentary, famous sports figures, and personalized music recommendations.

The Daily Sports Playlist is the one place where you can keep up with all sports related news, commentary from familiar faces (voices), content from your favorite sports personalities, and since Spotify is primarily a music platform, you always get your favorite songs. mixed in there. The mixed media playlist is made up of content curated by their “expert team” and music from their “unique algorithms” to achieve a balanced mix of speech and music.

The content includes curated and even exclusive content from The Ringer. You even get audio intros from famous sports analyst Bill Simmons. The playlist also includes segments of sports shows like Sports News Minutes with Larry Brown, ESPN Daily, The Lead, and more. The Daily Sports mix will be updated every day with new content, whether you are actually training while listening or just drinking your coffee, you are up to date in the world of sports while getting your musical groove on.

It’s actually the third of Spotify’s media playlists, in case you didn’t know it yet. Your Daily Drive was launched last year to give you a mix of music and topical talk to go with you while driving or commuting to work. Then just a few months ago they brought in Daily Wellness, a mix of motivational podcasts and wellness music, because a lot of people were struggling with anxiety and stress.

Daily Sports is now available for users in the United States whether you are on free or premium subscriptions. You can find it in the Made for You section or in the sports hub on the mobile and desktop apps.

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