Samsung Penup app gets layers, refreshed UI

If you’ve been using a Galaxy Note device for some time now, one of its “secret weapons” is a drawing app called Penup. It’s actually available for any Android device but mostly it has a strong community among Note users with their built-in stylus and all. Now you’re getting a new-ish version of the app as its user interface gets a new sheen and you also get support for multiple layers, which artists would love. The update doesn’t bring anything major but new things are always shiny.

Once you’ve updated the app, you’ll be able to see a new interface for the bottom bar as per Android Police. The one that looks like one paper on top of another is the new layer tool. You can also play around with the layers, like rearranging them, locking and unlocking, and hiding and unhiding them when necessary. Artists who take their drawing on the Penup app seriously will have fun with this new layer support.

The Penup app’s main menu also gets a new dedicated tab for Coloring. As its name says, you’ll be able to access some adult coloring book pages for when you’re feeling stressed and you just want to have some zen coloring time. A lot of people find it relaxing of course and so there’s a whole section in the app for this. The Coloring section has tabs for Newest, Popular, and Books where you have a collection of things like Cats and dogs, Architecture, Mandalas, Travel, People, etc.

Penup is actually pretty popular not just as a drawing app but as a community as well. You’ll be able to see some great artworks from users in the home feed and you can follow specific users if you like their art. Think of it as Deviant Art but under the Samsung banner so it’s not that deviant. There’s even a section there for Live Drawing for those who want to learn how to draw as you follow videos from users who want to share their secrets.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download Penup for free from the Google Play Store and the Galaxy App Store. Even if you don’t have a stylus, you can still use the app but of course it’s best used with a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Source: Android Community

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