Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S22 can charge with 65 Watt

The Samsung Galaxy S22 can fast charge with a maximum of 65 Watts, according to a new source. With this, the manufacturer finally pulls the necessary sprint towards the competition in terms of fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy S22: fast charging with 65 Watt

First of all, take a grain of salt, because the source of this news is not very well known. According to ‘s Twitter account Tron Samsung is testing 65 Watt fast charging for the “Rainbow RGB” series. That is the code name for the next three devices in the Galaxy S22 series.

The R stands for the normal Samsung Galaxy S22, while the letter G stands for the S22 Plus. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the top model and the letter B refers to that model. There are already devices from the manufacturer that charge with a maximum of 45 Watts, but those are exceptions.

For example, you can charge the current Galaxy S21 line with ‘only’ 25 Watts. Compared to brands such as OnePlus, Xiaomi and, for example, Oppo, that is simply slow. Charging with about 65 Watt is the standard for high-end models with those manufacturers, but we are also seeing this more and more with devices from a lower price range.

In addition, many manufacturers are already testing with even faster techniques, so that your smartphone is fully charged within a few minutes. How fast the upcoming Galaxy S22 trio can charge wirelessly is still the question. The current S21s can do that with a maximum of 15 Watts, whereby the competition has already made much bigger steps. For example, you can wirelessly charge the OnePlus 9 Pro with a maximum of 50 Watt and charge the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with 67 Watt via that route.

What we already (think we) know about the Samsung S22

We do not expect the new Samsung S22 devices until the beginning of 2022. Samsung focuses, among other things, on the cameras that would have been significantly improved. There are occasional rumors that the company will work together with Olympus, the well-known camera manufacturer. The new sensor of the S22 will probably have a resolution of 50 megapixels. Finally, the Ultra model is rumored to receive a renewed zoom lens.

Source: Android Planet

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