Results of weekly surveys: fast charging is highly valued, especially when it meets standards

Last week’s poll shows that the money spent on fast-charging R&D was a great investment for smartphone makers. The new batch of battery and charging technologies that will cross the 100W mark has thrilled many fans.

With a 60% positive vote, support for fast charging is strong. However, supporters are divided almost evenly into two groups – those who want a standards-compliant charger and those who place a premium on speed.

There is a vocal minority who oppose these technologies on the grounds that they degrade the battery and reduce its capacity over time. Well, actually not that minor – 1 in 4 agree to be part of this group.

This ties in with the poll from a few weeks ago. Most people now expect to keep their phone for 3 years, so battery degradation is definitely an issue. A large battery and an overnight charge with a slow or wireless charger is enough for a quarter of voters.

That said, wireless charging, whether fast or slow, doesn’t seem particularly popular, although it’s pretty common on phones these days.

Weekly survey results: fast charging is great, even better when it meets standards

Smartphone makers might want to add charging controls on their phones, like what Asus did with the ROG Phone 3 – it comes with a 30W charger, but you can limit it to 10W and cap the maximum charge. at 80% or 90%. That way you can spare your battery, but still have the option of a quick charge when you really need it.

Source: GSMArena

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