Premium games section for Chromebook appears on Google Play Store

With many Chromebooks hitting the market today, this may be the best time for game developers to work on their titles and bring them to the Play Store as premium games compatible with Chromebooks. And since many people stay at home these days, these games will appeal to more young children and adults or students and workers. Google has added a new section for games compatible with Chromebook. They are mostly “premium” because they have been optimized to work perfectly for desktop interfaces. This means that the games are not only playable on smartphones and tablets. They can also be read on Chromebooks, with or without touch input.

If you check out the Google Play Store on Chrome OS, a section will display “Premium” games for Chromebooks. These are “games that work well on Chromebooks,” as described. The section is not yet available to all Chromebook users. We assume it is still being tested.

An XDA developer sharing some of the games he’s seen listed. They are as follows: Bridge Constructor Portal, Cultist Simulator, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, Game Dev Tycoon, Gorogoa, Incredibox, Project Highrise, SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator and The Enchanted Worlds.

These aren’t the only games that can be played on the Chromebook. What makes them special is that they have already been optimized for Chrome OS. It is possible that they can also be played with a keyboard or mouse like any other PC game.

This new section might only appear to a few Chromebook users. Check the Play Store and see if the new section is ready. Don’t be appalled if you don’t have it yet. Better to wait for the official release as that would mean fewer bugs and issues.

Source: Android Community

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