PlayStation 5 supports many of your PS4 accessories

  • Sony has described the PlayStation 4 accessories that should work with the PlayStation 5.
  • Many PlayStation VR controllers, headsets and products should work fine.
  • DualShock 4 controllers will work for PS4 games, but not for PS5 titles.

Sony described the PlayStation 5’s support for PS4 accessories, and that’s especially good news if you’re hoping to reuse your existing hardware with the new console.

The PS5 will support “specialty peripherals” like arcade joysticks, flying sticks, and licensed steering wheels with compatible PS5 games and Ps4 titles. Sony’s Gold and Platinum wireless headsets, along with third-party 3.5mm and USB headsets, are also expected to work well with the next-gen system.

Peripherals related to PlayStation VR should work in addition to the headset itself. The Move and Aim controllers will work with “supported” PS VR games on the PS5. The PlayStation Camera will also work, although you will need to get a free adapter. More details on the adapter will be provided in the future, Sony said.

However, don’t expect your DualShock 4 controller to replace the PS5’s DualSense. While the DualShock and licensed third-party substitutes will play PS4 games, you will need a DualSense or licensed counterpart for the PS5 software. Games “should take advantage” of the new capabilities of the PS5, Sony said, and that includes the functionality of the DualSense.

The controller’s decision is unfortunate if you were hoping to use your PS4 gamepads for local multiplayer, but that makes sense given the functional changes in the DualSense. Adaptive triggers and more sophisticated haptic feedback might not only provide more immersion than a DualShock 4, but provide an edge in gameplay. You might be at a disadvantage if you stick to certain PS4 controllers.

This is not a complete list of accessories support and probably won’t answer all of your questions. All the same, it’s clear that you’ll probably only pay extra if you need more than one DualSense controller. This is not unrelated to Sony’s history (you can’t officially use PS3 controllers with the PS4, for example). To some extent, this is an improvement over previous generations, where hardware differences have often forced you to throw away many of your existing accessories.

Source: Android Authority

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