Old Galaxy smartphones turned into medical devices

Samsung has found original use for its legacy Galaxy smartphones in the ophthalmic industry. Together with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and Yonseo University in Korea, the vendor has developed affordable medical devices.


The use of legacy smartphones as cameras for diagnosing eye diseases is part of Galaxy Upcycling, which aims to reuse mobile devices to reduce environmental impact. The new solution is already being implemented for ophthalmic care for low-income people around the world: in Vietnam, India, Morocco and Papua New Guinea.


The used device becomes the “brain” of the EYELIKE fundus camera, which connects to the lens attachment, and the smartphone is used for shooting. Then, using a special algorithm, the mobile device analyzes the images and diagnoses ophthalmic diseases. A special application processes patient data and suggests a treatment regimen. The cost of such a device is several times less than that of commercial equipment.

“We were looking for an eye diagnostic solution that was cost effective and could provide care to as many people as possible. The combination of several optical technologies and artificial intelligence with the capabilities of the Galaxy smartphone camera has created an affordable medical device that is not inferior in functionality to professional fundus cameras, ”said Dr. Sangchul Yun of Yeonse University.

Source: 4PDA

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