NVIDIA GeForce NOW makes way for Android TV devices

NVIDIA has hinted that its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service may soon be available for Android TV and support set-top boxes. The company hasn’t given any details on when and on what Android TV device models the app would be available, but it’s nonetheless exhilarating for GeForce NOW enthusiasts who will only have one more device to play on in. the near future.

NVIDIA has already announced the launch of the GeForce NOW app for LG U + tv UHD3 – a set-top box in South Korea. It is alleged that after the application is deployed for UHD3, it will start to become accessible on Android TV. This means that Android TV users can then start streaming the game service – there is no clarity as to when this will start to happen.

NVIDIA is reportedly working on expanding GeForce NOW support for Android TV. Although the official release is slated for a bit later, users should get early access on select Android TV devices. What would be the choice of these devices is a guess for the moment, but do-it-yourselfers have their tools and are exploring.

According to XDA Developers, some users of the Android TV subroutine have already started exploring this possibility. Users have successfully downloaded APK v5.27 on Xiaomi Mi Box S and Sony 4K TV (2015), which run the app. Although you don’t really want to tinker with your device just yet; keep your eyes peeled on your Android TV or compatible set-top box, as the update may arrive anytime soon.

Source: Android Community

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