Nintendo re-evaluates plans for mobile games

Nintendo may be making some big changes in its plans. He did not achieve his goals as originally planned, even with the success of Animal Crossing. The company plans to release around two to three mobile games each year. The category is potentially a billion dollar company, but the results have been disappointing so far. This is something unprecedented, not thanks to the global pandemic situation. An executive has already said that no new apps for the mobile market could be released anytime soon.

Nintendo’s president was city saying, “We’re not necessarily looking to keep releasing lots of new apps for the mobile market.” Unfortunately, the statement was not taken lightly. Stocks fell 4% shortly thereafter.

The Wii U has failed before, so Nintendo can build on success in the mobile arena. The Nintendo Switch is already successful but the mobile business is different. Even the use of the old favorite “Super Mario Run” has declined (from February to May). This is bad news as other game studios have seen an increase in usage and downloads, especially during lockdowns in many cities around the world.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was a hit during the lockdown season. Console gaming is definitely a hit. The success is such that Nintendo may not see the need to work hard in the mobile arena, at least not yet.

Nintendo may be looking to improve the mobile apps and games available. The income may not be much and its lofty goals will not be met. There may not be any new apps released anytime soon.

Nintendo’s mobile app version of Animal Crossing is also enjoying great success now. As the Switch game continues to gain popularity, the mobile app has also seen its revenue increase by 45%. Nintendo may not be as successful in the mobile gaming industry, but it is doing well on the console. It’s really best if a game is first designed with the Nintendo console or controller in mind. It’s much more efficient and more enjoyable to play.

Source: Android Community

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