Netflix goes with video speed controls on Android

If you’re trying to catch up with a show everyone’s talking about but you’re pressed for time, Netflix has a solution for you. You can watch episodes faster if you are on mobile. This feature was brought up a few months ago, but has come under heavy criticism from the creators. But it looks like the streaming giant is continuing with speed controls as they have now started rolling it out for Android app users.

The speed controls are of course not a new concept as we had them in old DVD players and VCRs. For things like podcasts and audiobooks, this is also a fairly common practice. But when it comes to the video content, the creators have been reluctant because they think there is something lost when you adjust the speed from what they originally intended. This is also true for applications or devices that allow viewers to control changes in aspect ratio.

Despite criticism from creators and producers, Netflix is ​​moving forward with video playback speed controls for those who use the Android app on their smartphones and tablets. If you want to watch videos at a slower pace, you have the option of slowing it down to 0.75x or 0.5x. But if you want to speed it up, you can do it by 1.25x and 1.5x. In case you are worried about the audio, the pitch will also be changed so as not to sound “weird”.

You will need to adjust the playback speeds with each video you want to apply this to. It will not stay active for all the videos you want to watch after choosing the desired speed. It’s their way of accommodating the concerns of creators who voiced opposition to the feature when it first aired last year. They say this is a feature that is in high demand among users and has also been praised by some organizations for improving its accessibility.

the playback speed controls started rolling out to Android app users on August 1. Let’s see if we get more pushback or if this is something creators will have to live with if their content is on the platform.

Source: Android Community

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