Latest Samsung Galaxy A52 update enables RAM Plus

While RAM Plus was prominently featured in the One UI 4.0 changelog, it is not actually part of Samsung’s Android 12 update package. Samsung has enabled it on several phones that still run Android 11, including the Galaxy Z Fold3, the Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy M52 as well as two of the A52 series – the 5G model and the A52s 5G.

Now the 4G model, the Galaxy A52, has also received RAM Plus as part of the update that started rolling out earlier today. The new firmware (version A525FXXU4AUI3) also contains the October security patch with fixes for over 60 vulnerabilities.

RAM Plus is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A52

RAM Plus is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A52

In case you were wondering what RAM Plus is, it’s the virtual RAM feature that has become popular on Android phones recently. Basically, it reserves part of the internal storage – 4 GB in the case of the A52 – and treats it as RAM.

Well, sort of, this technique is called memory paging (colloquially known as “swap”). Basically, the OS pretends there is more RAM than actually exists – when the hardware RAM gets filled up, apps that aren’t doing anything are pushed out to storage while apps that need to run are loaded. As you can imagine, this works best with fast storage (but it worked for decades with spinning hard drives, which are dog slow compared to modern flash memory).

Source: GSMArena

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