Is ASUS ROG Phone 4 completely bezel-less?Teaser image leaks

Speaking of the new 2021 gaming smartphone in the last few days, Xiaomi’s Black Shark 4 is the center of attention.

Meanwhile, the first teaser image about ASUS ROG Phone 4, the latest gaming smartphone of ASUS, which is a rival model, was posted.

As far as the image is seen, the top and left and right are almost bezel-less.

Also, the following comments were posted at the same time:

[Priority arrival]你 -like strength, immediate general sword! New 1st generation Tencent ROG mobile phone desk, everyone expects to be a faith gamer!
@ROG Gamer Country: New“Equipment”Immediate general campaign, this primary, 让 你 战 若 若 Yes unlimited! @ROG Mobile Phone @ 腾讯 戏

What’s interesting is this new ROG Phone here“apparatus”The point called.
It’s unclear what exactly this means, but it’s likely that it will have some extra game-specific features.

In addition, this ASUS ROG Phone 4 has a benchmark score on Geekbench discovered at the end of last year with a model number of ASUS_I005DA.

Source: Android Next

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