Introducing Pokemon Cafe Mix, Pokemon Smile and Mega Evolution

The Pokemon team has more in store for fans of these little pocket monsters. After the Pokemon GO Buddy adventure, here are new mobile applications and games available. The CEO and Chairman of the Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara himself, introduced the new products that fans, trainers and even non-trainers are sure to appreciate. At this time when most people stay at home, we are looking for new forms of entertainment. Mobile games are, of course, the easiest to access and play outside of all those streaming-ready TV series and movies.

Players can start new adventures with Pokémon Café Mix. This game is playable on smartphones and Nintendo Switch. If you are a trainer, feel free to try out the Nintendo eShop app if you are using Switch. On your Android phone, it will be available soon but you need to pre-registration first on the Play Store.

Pokémon coffee blend is a new puzzle game that allows players to connect Pokémon icons by simply swirling them around. Just grab an icon and bring it close to another Pokémon species icon. It’s like most matching puzzle games that we know we guarantee are boredom breakers.

The goal is to complete the puzzles that will involve the preparation of food and drinks. As the owner of the cafe, you will have to rely on your cafe skills and Pokemon as part of the cafe staff to complete these puzzles.

Friendship levels with other Pokémon can be increased. Just serve them food and drink. Upgrade your cafe by getting new tools or expanding your spot. The more you upgrade, the more Pokémon will visit.

The popular AR adventure game Pokemon GO also has good news for gamers. The Pokémon Mega-Evolved will soon appear in Pokémon GO. Mega Evolution is coming to the game is something a lot of fans have been waiting for. Make sure to update the Pokemon GO app from the Play Store.

The Pokemon Company also introduced Pokemon Smile. This app teaches young children how to brush their teeth properly every day. Downloading is free from the Google Play Store.

Pokemon smile incorporates a game that children can enjoy. With the use of a phone camera, the app observes how a child brushes their teeth. The child, as a player, must defeat these cavities causing bacteria so that they can catch a Pokemon as well. The app can even send notifications to parents that it’s time for their kids to brush their teeth. It is a great help for parents and guardians who have difficulty telling children what to do.

Catching Pokemon in this mobile app is easy. It’s fun and it’s something kids will want to play over and over again. Download the game from Play store.

Source: Android Community

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