Indie Game Festival winners announced by Google Play team

In January, the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2020 was announced. It got developers excited because it gives developers and hobbyists to show off what they have. Game developers, mostly small and independent, have the chance to really shine. Google has just announced the winners of the three competitions held in South Korea, Japan and Europe. Hundreds of new games and apps have been submitted as entries to the festival, but only a few can be considered lucky winners.

Creative developers around the world have put their minds to work. The Indie Games Festival is where these people come into their work, as Google gives them a place to express their creativity. In Europe, there are three winners: Cookies Must Die from Rebel Twins (Poland), inbento from Afterburn (Poland) and White Door from Rusty Lake, (Netherlands),

Cookies must die was developed by a husband and wife duo. It impressed the judges with its attractive mechanics and beautiful animations. Inbento is a family game that can be played in 17 different languages. The game consists of preparing the bento as taught by the cats. The white door is a comic book point-and-click adventure set in the world of Cube Escape and Rusty Lake series.

The Google Play team too ad the winners in Japan: GIGAFALL by Shiki Game Studio, METBOY! by REBUILD GAMES, and Wasurenaide, otona ni matte mo by GAGEX Co., Ltd. GIGAFALL is a retro style game that features 8 bit graphics. It allows you to control the satellite lasers that revolve around the Earth and then destroy the meteorites. METBOY is also a retro-style action game that makes a strong impression with its catchy soundtrack. Wasurenaide is a cinematic adventure game ala Minecraft.

In Korea, the winners are Heroes Restaurant by Team Tapas, Magic Survival by LEME and Project Mars by Moontm. Heroes restaurant lets you live out your restaurant manager dreams but you have to fight a big squid. Magical survival lets you fight the spirits in a magical 21st century civilization. Mars Project is for those who want to live and colonize Mars. It’s a space expedition that allows you to help make Mars a habitable place.

Winners receive prizes from Google that can help them grow their business on Android and Google Play. Consultations with the Google Play team, Google material, promotion campaigns and promotions on the Play Store are also included.

Source: Android Community

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