Huawei patents foldable phone with sub-display and stylus

Huawei has a lot to do and overcome when it comes to the world outside of its home country. Still, the Chinese tech giant is doing a lot in its own country and intends to continue doing a good job. This is evident through the company’s drive to reveal a phone that has what users want – possibly why the company patented a phone with an expandable screen and a foldable handset with a particular camera setup. Now hinting at what the company might roll out regarding its next foldable phone, Huawei has filed a patent for a foldable phone with a stylus and a sub-display.

According to the patent disclosed by LetsGoDigital, Huawei filed the patent in 2019 with the National Intellectual Property Administration of China and was only recently released on August 14, 2020. The patent details that the new foldable smartphone (similar to how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Folds) will come with a stylus and a subscreen.

The sub-screen will be right next to the main screen and the phone, unlike existing Huawei foldable phones, has an inward foldable form factor. The phone also comes with a stylus for precision input – ideal for designers, journalists, or students who need to doodle, take notes, or style a drawing on the go.

According to patent images posted online, this foldable smartphone will have a larger primary display and a narrower secondary display – both with a thin bezel. A sidebar to the left of the flexible screen presents the sub-screen which remains accessible to supposedly display an instant notification even when the phone is folded. The sub-display area is raised slightly to accommodate the stylus inside and also includes the dual front cameras.

The patent shows the phone with a quad camera setup on the back in vertical orientation. There are no physical buttons visible in the phone pictures. There is a likely possibility for Huawei to unveil a new foldable smartphone later this year, if anything on these lines is only for the time to say. Until then, let’s just assume the Chinese OEM is going to deliver a phone with an inward folding design, which is going to be a change from what the company already has on the stands.

Source: Android Community

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