Huawei P50 Pro camera rating, overtakes Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to top

Huawei’s new model, Huawei P50 series, which was officially announced earlier.

The camera evaluation of this high-end model Huawei P50 Pro was immediately posted on DXOMark.

The overall evaluation is 144 points.
Released earlier this year, it surpassed the top-rated Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra on the site by one point to become the sole top.

In addition, the evaluation of the previous model Huawei P 40 Pro is increased by 12 points.
It seems to be a proper evolution of the camera.

Looking at the breakdown of the score, the zoom rating is high, and “telephoto” is 140 points. This is far ahead of other models.

By the way, this Huawei P50 (series) is equipped with Kirin 9000.
It has been stated that it will be expanded not only in China but also globally, but the specific region of expansion is still unknown.

Source: Android Next

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