Here is the new Android 12 wallpaper for you to download

Google is expected to roll out the first Developer Preview of the Android 12 operating system and after a few beta releases, the final version will come sometime later this year. It is expected to come with several new features and improvements but we will have to wait for a few months to know what is packs.

However, there’s something of the upcoming Android 12 that you can already have, regardless of the smartphone you are using — wallpaper. Yes, the first wallpaper of the Android 12 is now available for you to download.

The wallpaper of Android 12, coming from the Russian website Wylsa, is available in several different sizes so that it can fit any device, including smartphones, tablets, and PC, regardless of the platform or operating system that powers them.

Keeping up with the tradition, the company is continuing with the minimal design for the wallpaper. Also, do note that the image released is for the Developer Preview of Android 12 and there’s a possibility that the final version may not have this wallpaper and we will get something totally different from what is available right now.

The wallpaper has been made to work for both the light mode and the dark mode. You can download the wallpaper in high-quality for mobiles and PC resolution by clicking here.

Download link:

Source: Gizmochina

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