Google’s new phone app is Flying Leak, “Google Call” icon

There are many genuine Google apps.

This time, it seems that the app name and icon of the app that the company has not announced have been inadvertently leaked.

An ad that Reddit users accidentally found on Youtube? The name of the app is “Google Call”.

From the shape of the icon and its name, it is clear that it is a phone app.

On the other hand, Google has already provided the genuine phone app “Google’s Phone App” (Phone by Google in English-speaking countries).However, it seems unclear whether this “Google Call” is just a new name for “Google’s phone app” or a different app.

In any case, it seems to be positioned as one of Google’s main apps from the icon.

By the way, “Google’s phone app” is compatible with more models than before, but it is still not supported by Xperia etc.

On the other hand, Motorola and others seem to be gradually becoming popular, such as installing this Google phone application by default.

Source: Android Next

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