Google Play adds Offers tab for selected users

If you think the Google Play Store app is already pretty cluttered, at least in the bottom part of the app, it’s about to become even more crowded. Google has added an Offers tab in the bottom bar to selected accounts as they seem to be still testing this out. From the name itself, you can expect to see some sales, discounts, and special offers from select apps and games, most with limited-time offers. It’s not to be confused with the “offers & notifications” page in the app menu.

9 to 5 Google shares that some users are seeing the Offers tab in the bottom menu of the Google Play Store app. It’s slotted in the middle of the four current, existing tabs: Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Books. The Movies & TV name has been truncated just to be able to fit in the Offers tab. If you’re subscribed to Play Pass, that tab should also be down there as well but most likely, Google will be moving that somewhere else.

The Offers tab is represented by the standard price tag icon and tapping it brings users into a page where you can see promos of apps and games that you may be interested in. You’ll see “offers for apps you might like” and its game equivalent that says “offers for games you might like”. You’ll get carousel with cover images of the offers, with the expiration date and the other standard app information below.

There is an existing “offers & notifications” page in the app menu but supposedly, this Offers tab is different from that. The page shows special deals, free items, or promo codes in the offers tab. The new offers tab is more like the limited-time events cards in the Games feed and is shown in a carousel card format so it might be more appealing for some users rather than just showing a list. Developers will also be able to showcase their offers better with this new tab.

This seems to be a server-side test as not all users are seeing this new tab just yet. It’s also not clear if this is an actual feature that will roll out later on or if it’s just one of the many A/B tests that Google Play Store does.

Source: Android Community

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