Galaxy Watch3 Plugin app reveals hand gestures and fall detection

In a typicalXDA Developers mode, they dived deep into the Galaxy Watch3 Plugin app and found some interesting information about the watch itself. And it has nothing to do with the hardware features, design, or the physical rotating bezel. This one concerns hand gestures.

According to the source code, the Galaxy Watch3 will support hand gestures to answer or reject a call. For example, you will be able to clench and loosen your fist to answer a call and because the device will be equipped with a microphone and speaker, you can do so directly on the watch. Shaking hands, on the other hand, will dismiss the appeal. This can come in handy during a workout or when your hands are busy.

Additionally, there is a line of code on fall detection. This one is pretty straightforward. If the watch detects a fall, it will ring for one minute and if the user does not respond within this time, the watch will make an SOS call or call one of your emergency contacts.

Default dials

Default dials

As a bonus, they were able to discover the default dials of the Galaxy Watch3. Most of them are already known but there are also some new ones.


Source: GSMArena

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