Galaxy A52? Benchmark score of Galaxy with SD750G found

Samsung’s next-generation midrange series, the Galaxy AX2 series.

It seems that the benchmark score of the model that seems to be the “middle” model in this midrange has been discovered.

The model number is Samsung SGH-N378, and the mounted chip is Snapdragon 750G.
It is equipped with Android 11 and has 6GB of RAM.

And according to the GSMArena, this model is Samsung’s unreleased midrange model,Most likely from the Galaxy A52 5GAnd that.

By the way, the Galaxy A5X series is said to be the best-selling model in the world (just a guess), and the latest existing Galaxy A51 is being developed as a 2020-2021 winter / spring model for DoCoMo and au in Japan.

Therefore, this Galaxy A52 should also be the main model for Samsung, and it seems likely that it will be released in Japan.

By the way, it’s a bit confusing, but this SD750G is not the successor chip to the SD765G installed in multiple 5G midranges this year, but the successor chip to the SD730.

However, in terms of performance on the benchmark, this SD750G is slightly higher than the SD765G, and it is likely to be adopted by multiple models as one of the main chips in 2021 like the same 5G compatible lower chip, SD690.

Source: Android Next

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