Fitbit’s new Sleep Animals will describe your sleeping habits

Aside from tracking our fitness and activity, another aspect that we’re now more conscious about is our sleeping habits. People are on the lookout for fitness trackers and smartwatches that have good sleep tracking features. Fitbit is a popular brand when it comes to this aspect with their Sleep Score metrics. Now they’re introducing a pretty cute and useful feature called Sleep Animals which will tell you which animal you most closely resemble, at least when it comes to your sleeping habits.

9 to 5 Google shares that this Sleep Animals feature seems to be exclusive only for Fitbit Premium users. But since it’s still in the beta phase, not all subscribers are seeing it in their accounts just yet. You’ll know that it’s available for you already if you see a new card in your sleep score, in between the top bar graph and your daily score. At first, you’ll see a “high-level assessment” or layman’s terms of what your sleeping habit is.

When you tap the card, you will get a full-page assessment with a graphic of a sleeping animal. An animal will be assigned to you every month based on your sleep score from your Fitbit tracker. There’s an explanation as to why your sleeping habit or assessment is compared to that specific adorable yet sleepy (or not sleepy) animal. Of course it will also give you tips and suggestions on how to improve your sleep score.

The six Sleep Animals are the following: the “slow to sleep tortoise”, the “restless sleep parrot”, the “shallow sleep hedgehog”, the “short sleep giraffe”, the “segmented sleep dolphin”, and the “solid sleep bear”. The names themselves are pretty self-explanatory but you will get a much more detailed explanation with your assigned animal. If you want to learn more about the others though, you can also take a look at the other sleep types.

The beta feature will be available for a limited number of Fitbit Premium users and only for a limited time. No news yet if it will eventually become a permanent feature for subscribers.

Source: Android Community

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