First images of a unique smartphone with invisible cameras on the front and back.

TCL has patented a futuristic phone that stands out from all other smartphones on the market. Firstly, its front-facing camera is located below the display surface, and secondly, the main camera on the back is also invisible.

This sub-screen front camera technology is expected to be used in a large number of smartphone models as early as next year, and on September 1, the first commercial smartphone with a camera under the display, ZTE Axon 20, will be presented .

On the front, we see a screen without cutouts or holes, although the bezels are quite wide by today’s standards. The description of the patent says that the selfie camera is located under the screen. But even more interesting is the rear panel, where the cameras are not visible either. At the top, the body is noticeably thicker, which is probably where the hidden lens image sensors are.

It is possible that in this case it will use the same (or similar) technology as the OnePlus Concept One, which was shown earlier this year . This phone has a glass back cover that changes color, and the camera is not visible when not in use.

A unique smartphone with invisible cameras on the front and back.  First images

On the right side of TCL’s patented phone, we see buttons for turning on and adjusting the volume. There are no buttons and connectors on the left and top sides. At the bottom, only the charging connector is visible, presumably USB-C.

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