Epic Odyssey is a Gacha RPG with inactive features and open world exploration

Epic Odyssey is our kind of gacha-RPG, that is, it doesn’t look like other gacha-RPGs.

While most titles in the genre can only be distinguished from one another by summon rates and other arcane metrics most of us don’t understand, Epic Odyssey looks completely distinctive, with sleek 3D visuals, a nice clean aesthetic and lots of open world exploration.

The combat element of the game allows you to lead a team of five units into battle against another team of five units. These heroes are full of personality and visual panache of high fantasy. Each of them also has their own story, and their characters come out in in-game dialogue passages.

You acquire heroes through the Gacha Summon, and you can merge any duplicates that come into your possession to give that hero a boost. Likewise, you can integrate lower heroes into higher level heroes to give them a boost. There are also equipment to improve and customize, skills to improve, etc.

This is the standard gacha thing. We’re more interested in the unique qualities of Epic Odyssey, and in particular its expansive, animated world map split into thirty separate realms across the Lynea continent. You can explore this world freely, open chests, take quests, and even solve puzzles.

In these parts of the game, Epic Odyssey is almost like an isometric hack-and-slash action RPG – just without the hack and slash. You’ll meet mythical beings, ancient treasures, and a cast of NPCs with their own unique stories.

Epic Odyssey is also completely free of unnecessary grind, as it lets you progress in slow motion while you’re AFK.

We’re excited to see how this one unfolds. Download Epic Odyssey for free on google play and the App Store. Use the code ODYSSEY to get in-game bonuses as well.

Source: Droid Gamers

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