Entry-level 5.4 ” iPhone 12 screen leaks, notch remains unchanged

IPhone 2020 refresh is still good in 2 months but rumors and leaks keep pouring in and the latest is for the entry level iPhone 12’s 5.4-inch LCD screen . He comes from a reliable Chinese tipster DigitalChatStation and gives us a relative size for this year’s most affordable iPhone. The notch is still present and appears to have dimensions unchanged from the current iPhone 11 series, although the phone’s footprint is similar to that of the iPhone SE (2020).

5.4 inch iPhone 12 LCD Display
5.4 inch iPhone 12 LCD Display

5.4 inch iPhone 12 LCD Display

So far, we know that the entry-level iPhone 12 is expected to come with a 2,227mAh battery. Additionally, rumors suggest that it will arrive in both LTE and 5G versions with the base LTE version starting at $ 549. It will likely feature a dual camera setup similar to the iPhone 11 and a bezel with flat edges like the rest of the iPhone 12 series.

The iPhone 12 line is expected to use Semco and Sunny Optical lenses, which are said to offer better overall performance and improved autofocus. According to the same leak, the first iPhones equipped with periscope telephoto lenses are expected to arrive in 2022. The iPhone 12 series will be unveiled on September 8.

Source: GSMArena

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