Duo ready surface with side-by-side views, ideal for most tasks

The Microsoft Surface Duo might not have the most advanced and premium specs on the market right now, but the device has caught our attention for the productivity it offers. The software giant seemed to have really prepared for this one. Not many people agree, but it can be a useful device. We didn’t have to wait a year for Microsoft to launch the hybrid tablet phone. It is here and will soon be available in online and offline stores.

After several leaks and teasers, the Microsoft Surface Duo was presented last week. It immediately went to pre-order. It’s ready for mobile productivity.

For curious minds, the mobile device was promised with three years of Android upgrades. This Surface Duo press briefing gave us an idea of ​​what the Surface Duo has to offer.

The device does not have 5G or NFC as they are not exactly needed. Microsoft explained that the Surface Duo is ready for mobile productivity. It runs Android with a custom interface. We’re not sure if it’ll sell out quickly because of the $ 1,400 price tag, but we like the idea of ​​multitasking.

The Microsoft Surface team posted short videos to their YouTube channel, showing us how the Surface Duo can be a better choice with two screens showing different locations at once:

The Surface Duo is ideal for writing or replying to emails:

It is also ideal for the view it offers on two screens:

Source: Android Community

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