Dark Sky weather app gets a “darker” version for Android

Dark Sky is perhaps one of the best weather apps available for Android. Well do it “was” because the app is no longer available for Android. Apple recently acquired Dark Sky and that means it is no longer accessible from non-Apple devices. This is understandable because Apple can do anything to any of its products or services that it owns. The weather app is no longer available on the Play Store. Even when you launch the app from your Android phone, the weather data will not be updated.

The Dark Sky for Android users got an expansion until August 1, but it’s gone now. Accuweather could fill the Dark Sky hole in your phone. However, some people may still prefer Dark Sky, but with its removal from the Play Store, that’s a problem.

An XDA developer wants Dark Sky to run on their Android, so they reverse-engineered the app and made another version of it. The Darker Sky for Android is essentially the same weather app. We like the idea, but we’re worried that Apple might end up looking for this version.

Darker Sky is free. The first version is available with basic functionality. It includes full weather forecast, radar, time machine, temperature forecast and precipitation forecast. Unlike Dark Sky, you won’t be able to use widgets, alerts, weather notifications, and weather report submissions.

Source: Android Community

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