Collections feature is now available on the Microsoft Edge mobile app

If you’re still looking for other browsers to use besides Chrome, Microsoft has done a good job with their Edge browser that you might want to take a look at. One feature of the desktop version is something called Collections. It’s a more sophisticated version of bookmarking websites, but it also has plenty of organizing and sorting features to help you build collections. Now this feature is also available on the Edge app for Android.

If you haven’t used Microsoft Edge for a while (or never), Collections is a relatively new feature that lets you save links, images, videos, and other items that you might want to to come back later. You’ll be able to organize them into separate collections, like party pickets, recipes to try, design ideas, and other things you may have searched for in the browser. It also displays cover images, text snippets, and even notes.

This is available for the desktop version and Microsoft has been testing it in beta for mobile for a few months now. Since we are not always on our laptop or computer, they make it available for mobile devices. This way you can manage and collect your different collections on your smartphone and tablet as well as your computer and you can do it seamlessly.

While being on mobile will of course be limited by your screen, there is also a feature reserved for the mobile browser. You will have a collapsible drawer so that you can see the current collection that you manage on the side or at the bottom. This way you can always browse other websites or similar websites which you can add later to your collection or to a whole new type / category of a collection that you need to organize.

Microsoft Edge Collections for the Android application is being rolled out to users. You will be able to sync it with your Edge on your desktop as long as you sign in to the same Microsoft account.

Source: Android Community

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