Clubhouse no longer requires an invitation: now available for everyone

Clubhouse is the social media app that is all about audio. Previously, you had to get an invite to chat in the app. That is no longer necessary, because you can now use Clubhouse without an invitation.

Clubhouse without invitation

Club house? It’s almost impossible that you’ve never heard of it. You can chat in all kinds of ‘rooms’ via the app. To use the service you had to get an invitation from someone who already had access. Now the company behind the app has let it be known that this is no longer necessary.

This way anyone who can download Clubhouse can chat in one of the Rooms. You can install on your own smartphone or tablet via the button below.

Clubhouse: The Social Audio App

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Room for every subject


Via the app you can listen in on ongoing conversations or participate in such a conversation yourself. Of course you can also create a Room yourself and choose who you want to admit. No subject is too crazy or you can find a separate room about it. The platform is also used by famous movie stars or musicians, so that they can chat with fans easily, quickly and safely.

At Clubhouse it is therefore not possible to make video calls and that makes the app a bit more unique than all other chat apps. With the invite only system and new approach, Clubhouse quickly became a huge success and everyone was talking about it. Several app developers added a similar feature to their own applications. For example, you can now also chat with each other via Spotify, Slack or Discord, according to the same principle.

More about Clubhouse

, in which we answer several questions about the app. Do you use Clubhouse and what do you think? Did you get your invitation early or did you receive it later? And now that it can be used by everyone, are you going to try it yourself? Let us know in the comments below this article!

Source: Android Planet

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