Chromebook owners can now redeem three months of Stadia Pro for free

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Computers that lack native software for common tasks can be hard to sell sometimes, which is why Google offers some advantages when you buy a Chromebook. Google has recently started to include a free year of storage in a 100GB drop box with Chromebooks (in addition to the 100GB Google Drive offer that has been around for years), but there is now another promotion – three months of Stadia Pro.

The special benefits page for Chromebooks now includes an offer for three free months of Stadia Pro, after which you will be charged $9.99/month. Don’t forget to put a cancellation reminder if you don’t like this offer. The offer is valid only if you purchased a Chromebook released after June 2017, and if you live in an area where Stadia is available.

Chromebook owners can now redeem three months of Stadia Pro for free

This is not the first time that Google offers stadium deals to Chromebook owners. At the beginning of the year, Stadia Premiere Edition (which includes a Chromecast Ultra and a controller) was available for only $79 for anyone who had already purchased a Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go or Pixel Slate. In comparison, the new offer is available to many more Chromebook owners, and does not require any money to get started.

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