[Catch-up]Google Photos, existing photos will be deleted after 2 years

Google Photos, one of the main services provided by Google.

This a few weeks agoFree and unlimited backup of Google Photos has ended, and images and videos newly added from June 1, 2021 will be counted in the data capacity of Google Drive etc.I told you about the matter.

Just the only salvation of this new policy?IsPhotos and videos saved and backed up in Google Photos before June 1, 2021 are not subject to capacity restrictions.It was the point.

In other words, images and videos saved in Google Photos before 2021/6/1 can basically be kept permanently regardless of the size of the capacity.

But this time, about this part as wellPossible changesCame out.

Regarding the first item, if there is a service that has not been used for 2 years, the content of that service may be deleted, so I feel that this can not be helped.

However, the problem is the second.
If this doesn’t make a mistake, for example:

If the total number of photos / videos in Google Photos + files in Google Drive currently exceeds the free amount (usually 15GB), it will be one in two years from June 1, 2021, that is, June 1, 2013. It means that the data of the part may be forcibly deleted.

(If the interpretation is incorrect or if you have more accurate information, I would appreciate it if you could correct or add to it in the comment section.)

In addition, on the help page of Google One:

The capacity will be exceeded two years from June 1st next year,All content may be removed from Gmail, Drive, Photos if nothing is done, And that.

This is a subtle expression that “possible”, for example, does it mean that even if the total exceeds 15GB, if some “action” is taken, the deletion will be postponed.

Also, ifYou will be notified in advance if you are eligible for deletionIt seems that there is no need to take any action right now.

By the way, I don’t know when this information was updated, but I received an email to my Gmail (Google account) today.

I’m sorry that there are still many uncertainties, but if the content is exactly as I told you, I’m sure that overseas media will also be covered.
Let’s wait for the follow-up report.

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