Benchmark score of ASUS Zenfone 7 found, SD865 + 8GB RAM

ASUS Zenfone 7, the new flagship of ASUS.

It was officially confirmed that it will be officially announced in Taiwan last night on August 26, and it seems safe to say that the images announced at the same time will be a quad camera or triple camera + ToF sensor.

It is such an ASUS Zenfone 7, but it seems that the benchmark score supposed to be of the same model was discovered this time.

The model number is ASUS_I002D.

The model number of the ASUS ROG Phone 3, a gaming smartphone that was announced and released earlier, is ASUS_I003D, so I wonder if the development itself started earlier than this.

In addition, the mounted chip seems to be a regular SD865 from the bench score.
The memory is 8GB RAM.

In addition, this ASUS Zenfone 7 is released as a “series”, that is, it is certain that there are at least two or more variations, and in the information so far, the unmarked Zenfone 7 is SD865, and the higher model Zenfone 7 Pro is. It is said to be SD865+. (I’m not sure about the difference between these chips)

Source: Android Next

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