Amazon Fire HD 8 can run Android 10 with LineageOS 17.1

The Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) is one of the top sellers in the affordable tablet segment. It has a big impact with its Alexa prowess and extremely low price tag. But it fails to impress workaholics due to its slow performance and limited software capabilities. Despite the fact, if you own the Fire HD 8 or are willing to buy one with the current 33% discount on Amazon, you’re in luck – you can now, with a custom ROM, upgrade the system from operating the tablet to Android 10.

Since most tablets are now launching Android 10 out of the box (Google is already working on Android 11 to drop out this fall); it is only suitable for Amazon Fire HD 8 which is running Fire OS 6, based on Android 7.1, to get near stock version of Android. This was made possible by XDA Developer Kaijones23 who developed and released LineageOS 17.1 for the Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 (codenamed Karnak).

Based on code from the Android Open Source Project, the Custom ROM is designed to replace the Fire OS 6 on the Fire HD 8, which will completely transform the tablet’s operating system to Android 10. The project is in the works. – it may present users with certain delays initially. Interested parties can unlock the bootloader and install the custom TWRP recovery tool to get the LineageOS 17.1 on the tablet.

Since Kaijones23 currently believes the version is in beta and requires some polishing before the ROM can be recommended for use in Fire HD 8 if this is your daily driver. The kernel source code and ROM device tree are hosted on GitHub, which allows other developers to tinker with it and submit patches and fixes to fully prove it.

Source: Android Community

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