Amazfit Bip U Pro is coming and these are some of its features

A few days ago, Huami announced the Amazfit Bip U in India. The new Bip smartwatch brings significant improvements to the Bip S series in addition to new features. However, the Bip U won’t just be one smartwatch but a series just like the Amazfit Bip S. We did some digging and found out that one of the smartwatches in the series is the Bip U Pro. We also found some of the features of the coming smartwatch.

Huami already revealed the Amazfit Bip U is a series

The Amazfit Bip U Pro will share not only a similar design as the Amazfit Bip U but also have practically all its specs and more. So it should have a 1.43-inch 320 x 302 display, 50 watch faces that include customizable ones, 60+ sports modes, SPO2 monitoring, stress monitoring, BioTrackerTM 2 PPG heart rate sensor, and 50 meters water-resistance among others. So what are the distinguishing features?

  • Built-in GPS – The Amazfit Bip U Pro will have built-in GPS which is a feature the standard version doesn’t have. This means if you are going for an outdoor run or a bike ride, you don’t need to take your phone along for GPS.
  • Geomagnetic Sensor – The Amazfit Bip U Pro will also have a geomagnetic sensor which means it will have a compass. This is also great for those who exercise outdoors.
  • Microphone (and probably speaker) – The pro version will come with a microphone. This should mean users will be able to use it to answer calls or call up an assistant (probably Amazon Alexa) to set alarms and timers and the likes.
  • NFC* – we are not sure about this but this is a possibility. The Amazfit Bip U will launch in China as the Amazfit Pop and from a product video released by the company, the Pop has support for NFC which the standard Bip U doesn’t have. Huami may decide to add NFC support to the Amazfit Bip U Pro too.

Huami has not yet revealed when the Amazfit Bip U Pro will launch but if the above features are necessary for you, then you will have to wait till it is announced. Of course, it will cost more than the standard version when it launches.


Source: Gizmochina

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