10 best social media apps and 5 other cool options

Social media connects people in different ways. Over a billion people use social media in all its forms. There are many ways to express yourself online. Some sites like YouTube or Twitch allow you to do this with video. Meanwhile, Snapchat and Instagram are focusing more on photos. Twitter and Facebook mainly focus on text. There is something for everyone and other fun options. Even some group chat apps like Discord have some social media element these days.

There are also apps that contain social media elements but are not actually social media. One such example is the dating apps scene. You create a profile, chat with people, and find new people to talk to. We won’t include dating apps here, but you can see our list of the best dating apps here if you like. Here are the best social media apps for Android!

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Facebook and Instagram

Price: Free

Facebook is the biggest social media company on the planet. This is probably because he controls two of the three most popular social networks along with Facebook and Instagram. You already know everything about these. Facebook is a multimedia platform with text messages, photos, videos, groups, and chats. Meanwhile, Instagram relies heavily on photo and video content with its Stories feature. We’re bound by a logical fact to include these two apps on a list like this, so here they are. Facebook is available on the button below and you can download Instagram here. Facebook also has a ton of ramifications that complement the experience.

Facebook is one of the best garage sales apps for Android


Price: Free

LinkedIn is a much more popular social network than some people think. It is mainly intended for professional use. You create a profile and your profile also serves as a CV. However, it’s not just about finding a job. You can network with professionals in the same industry, follow various companies, and chat with people about various things. LinkedIn’s Pulse feature even lets you blog if you want to. The company also has ramifications, including two learning apps (LinkedIn Learning and Lynda), a job search app, and a presentation app.

LinkedIn 2020 screenshot


Price: Free

Pinterest is a popular and unique social media site. He doesn’t focus on people as much as he does on things. You find a group of them and pin them to your profile for future reference. This is a popular site for DIY, cooking, fashion, and home decorating. There are still a ton of other interests for other types of people. It’s not great if you’re planning on talking to other people, but it’s a great place to get some cool ideas on things you like.

Pinterest 2020 screenshot 1


Price: Free / $ 3.99 per month / $ 29.99 per year

Reddit is probably the application most responsible for destroying forums. This is because Reddit is a huge forum for pretty much anything. This makes for a great social media space. You can find subtitles for jokes, craft stuff, sports, cooking, tech, and whatever else you can think of. Reddit has a lot of terrible people and a lot of terrible subreddits. However, when you find the right ones, Reddit is a pretty spectacular place. It’s also one of the few sites on this list that offers a subscription option to remove ads and give you other features. Reddit also offers a good number of third-party options if you’re interested.

Reddit 2020 screenshot 2


Price: Free

Snapchat is one of the more unique options on the list. It’s technically a photo chat app and it’s already pretty unique. It also adds stories, profile, and even location sharing features. The combined efforts make it look a bit more like a social media app than a messaging app. This one is particularly popular with younger people who appreciate the prospect of sending photos. In the interest of full disclosure, there is also a fairly large NSFW community. Snapchat is one of the best apps on the internet when it comes to augmented reality technology with its filters.

Snapchat 2020 Screenshot 2



Price: Free

TikTok is the new hotness right now. It works a lot like Vine did. People post short videos with all kinds of topics and you watch them as they come out. The small, easy-to-digest content is very popular with younger generations and it already has a ton of content to watch. It also has the tools to create your own videos with simple, albeit straightforward, tips to achieve the effects you want. A lot of people don’t trust this one and it might even be banned in the United States (it is already banned in India).

Screenshot of TikTok


Price: Free

Tumblr is a blogging website with a lot of social media elements. You can follow people, write blogs, share things, and interact with others on the site. Tumblr took a dip in popularity after its NSFW content ban. However, what’s left is still pretty good. You can find blogs on most topics and, of course, create your own on almost any topic you want. Much like Reddit, there are some horrible profiles and people on Tumblr, but you can usually ignore or avoid them most of the time.


Price: Free / Varies

Twitch is the most popular video streaming site for gamers. People create profiles, stream their games, and talk to their viewers in real time. Other people join in and chat with each other as they watch someone play a video game or do anything. Twitch has moved away from the gaming aspect a bit and you can watch stuff like Bob Ross. There is also a healthy selection of live music on Twitch.

Twitch 2020 screenshot


Price: Free

Twitter is the best website for hot plugs. The site goes crazy every time something happens, so it’s also a decent place to check in when something big is happening. Overall, the super popular site is easy to use and with such short posts (240 characters) easy to digest. Like other social networks, crazy people can sometimes make Twitter unreasonable and horrible, but these people are pretty easy to avoid. We recommend that you follow entities rather than people, such as your favorite sports teams or news sources.


Price: Free / $ 12.99 per month

YouTube is a video streaming service, but it is often classified as a social network. It has all the characteristics of a. Anyone can post videos, comment on things, like things, and follow things. In fact, it is basically a video platform version of Instagram. YouTube has its ups and downs, but it’s a go-to place for video content and music, even more so than Spotify. This is another one of those obvious ones that everyone is familiar with.

YouTube Premium screenshot for list of best magic apps

passionate google

Social networks potentially good, but less popular

The above social networks are the most popular. However, there are others brewing in the background. These apps are all pretty decent and could pop up at any time to be the next big thing. Of course, the next big thing could come from anywhere, so these aren’t predictions. These are just five other great social media apps that don’t always make the headlines.

  • byte – byte is the spiritual successor of the vine. It offers very short videos, usually for the purpose of memes, jokes, or very short snippets of information. For example, Sports Highlights worked great on Vine and they would work great on Byte. Unfortunately, with TikTok already rattled by users, the byte can remain in the dust for the long haul.
  • Friendster – Friendster is a comparatively old social network. It originally launched 2003 and has seen its ups and downs since. It currently has a lot of the same features as Facebook, but the app could definitely use a bit of work.
  • Enthusiastic – Keen is potentially Google’s next social network. It works a lot like Pinterest. You sign up and start saving the things you like in your profile for later reminder. It’s super experimental as of this writing and we don’t know if that’ll be a thing around this time next year. Still, it has the potential to be something neat.
  • Mastodon – Mastodon sneaks into the world of social media. It is a decentralized and open source social network. You can create nodes for just about any topic and people can join your nodes as they please. It’s almost like a mix between Google+ and Reddit. It has a chronological feed and no ads. Of all the apps on this part of the list, Mastodon is the best.
  • Okuna – Okuna is currently an invitation-only social network and is very similar to Google+. Once you’ve created a profile, you can follow social groups and organize your followings into different lists. It has a longer maximum post limit than most other social networks, and it comes with a few niceties like theming. You can only enter by invitation at the moment, so even if you do enter, it’s not very crowded yet. We expect a full release of this one eventually and, with Mastodon, has the greatest chance of getting there.

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